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- Corporate Law
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- Wills & Estates Law
- Real Estate Law
- Immigration Law

- Family Law
- Litigation
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Notary Public Services
- Notarizations (only $10)

Notary Public Services

Notaries Public ("Notaries") are professionals mandated by the Notaries Act of BC and governed by The Society of Notaries Public of BC to provide limited, non-contentious legal services to the public. Although Notaries (as described above) are not Lawyers, all Lawyers mandated by the Legal Profession Act of BC and governed by The Law Society of BC are also Notaries, and are thus able to provide the full range of Notary Public services to their clients. So remember, while all Lawyers are Notaries...not all Notaries are Lawyers!

Just a few of the services provided by me in my capacity as Notary Public include:

- Notarization or Certification (witnessing) of signatures for documents ($10.00 per document)
- Certifying True and Correct Copies of documents
($10.00 per document)
- Drafting Affidavits or Statutory Declarations
- Completing Declaration In Lieu of Guarantor forms for passport applications

- Administration of Oaths
- Solemn Affirmations.

NOTE: Services provided by both lawyers and notaries can be found in the Legal Services section of this website. For example, for residential conveyancing, including mortgage applications, please see Real Estate Law; for Cohabitation, Pre-Nuptial, Marriage and Separation Agreements, please see Family Law; for a Will, Power of Attorney, Living Will and Representation Agreement, please see Wills & Estates.

If you wish to retain me for notarial services, please email me in advance to schedule an appointment.
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