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My Family Law practice typically involves determining, preserving or challenging the rights, responsibilities and obligations of family members vis-a-vis each other and their property. Family Law matters can be collaborative and preventative in nature, such as with the execution of Property Agreements before, during or after marriage. Family Law matters can also be rather contentious, where disputes arise over Custody of children, Division of Family Assets and entitlement to Spousal or Child Support. However, there are extensive and effective opportunities for mediation available to residents of BC as an alternative to the expensive, embarrasing and lengthy process of family court proceedings.

Property Agreements are one of the best ways to minimize the risk of a contentious legal battle down the road. This is done by pre-emptively negotiating and codifying your and your partner's rights and obligations during a time of collaborative harmony in your relationship. Examples of Property Agreements that I draft in my legal practice include:
                  - Cohabitation Agreements
                  - Common Law Property Agreements
                  - Marriage ("pre-nuptial") Agreements
                  - Marital Property Agreements 
                  - Separation Agreements.

Examples of court applications that I make in my legal practice include:
                  - Joint Application for Divorce
                  - Uncontested Application for Divorce
                  - Contested Application for Divorce, usually involving applications for Division of Family

Family Law is one of the more complex, technical and specialized areas of the law. There are a number of legal, personal and financial considerations when preparing for the future with a Property Agreement, or dissolving a marriage through divorce applications. Property Agreements must be drafted, signed and witnessed in accordance with legally prescribed forms, and even a collaborative Joint Application for Divorce involves a lengthy, technical legal process. For further information or to arrange for a consultation, please contact me.

Please note that I do not handle court applications for Custody of Children, Child Support  or Spousal Support Orders.  This area of the law is immensely technical and truly requires a lawyer who focuses exclusively in the area. However, if you are in need of such a lawyer, I would be glad to recommend one.
NOTE: For additional Family Law services such as enforcing child and/or spousal support payment orders, please see Collections; for a Statutory Declaration permitting your child to travel abroad with your (x) spouse, or for affidavits in connection to a family court proceeding, please see Notary Public Services.
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