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Corporate Law

My Corporate Law practice consists of advising, assisting and enabling people as well as established small to medium sized businesses to help them realise their business plans and goals.  

Some of the Corporate Law services I provide include, but are not limited to:

- Organization of a Business:
                 - Advising clients on provincial and federal laws as they apply to enabling and regulating
                   business activity.
                 - Selecting an optimal business structure (Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited
                   Partnership, Corporation) having regard to a number of considerations including
                   business purpose, scope, number of owners, tax and personal liability exposure.
                 - Incorporation procedures, including:
                               - selecting optimal Jurisdiction (federal vs. provincial)
                               - selecting a registered Records Office
                               - selecting and reserving a marketable company Name
                               - drafting Incorporation Agreement, Articles of Incorporation, and Notice of Articles
                               - defining and issuing various classes of Shares with corresponding rights and
                               - post-incorporation procedures such as drafting Shareholder Resolutions,
                                 Director Resolutions, issuing Share Certificates, preparing the company Minute
                                 Book, etc.
                 - Drafting Shareholder Agreements to define the rights, restrictions and liabilities as
                   between the current and future owners of the company
                 - Drafting company documentation to define the roles, rights, duties and liabilities of
                   company directors, officers, and managers.

 - Maintaining the Company:
                 - Preparing Annual Filings
                 - Drafting / Advising on legal dimensions of potential business ventures
                 - Drafting various contracts and agreements (see below)
                 - Issuing new shares, modifying the Share structure
                 - Buying or Selling a Business.
- Winding Down the Company:
                 - Passing all resolutions, closing all accounts, striking company from the registry.

- Methods of Corporate Finance:
                  - Shareholder Loan (debt finance)
                  - Share Purchase (equity finance)
                  - Corporate Borrowing.

- Ordinary Corporate Procedures:
                  - Shareholder Meetings (annual and otherwise)
                  - Annual Filings
                  - Issuance / Transfer of Shares.

- Special Corporate Procedures:
                  - Alteration of Articles of Incorporation
                  - Altering / interfering with Share rights or restrictions
                  - Mergers, Amalgamations and Reorganizations of company
                  - Dissolution / Restoration of company from Corporate Registry.

- Shareholders Rights and Remedies
                  - Relief from Oppression
                  - Derivative Actions
                  - Dissent Proceedings.

- Corporate Taxation
                  - Tax Advantages and Disadvantages of competing business structures
                  - Income vs. Dividends
                  - Canadian Controlled Private Corporations
                  - Small Business Tax Rate
                  - Capital Gains Taxes.
NOTE: For additional business services such as drafting contracts, agreements, commercial leases, etc., please see the Commercial Law section of this website. For Creditor Remedy services, please see Collections. For litigation and other court application services, including demand letters, please see Litigation.
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